Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Developments

Since it has been several months since my last post,  there have most definitely been some new developments as it were.

- I have a job. A real job. You know, the kind where I wake up every day and go.
- I am a commuter. This goes along with having a real job.
- I have 2 roommates. Brenda and Hannah. They are fabulous.
- I bought a sweater with horses on it. (See below)
- Ok, I guess there aren't that many new developments.

I am going to write more in depth on each of these topics, excluding the last one.


  1. love the sweater ... and you... I love it all! miss you and I'm so glad to hear you are a part of this grown up world too :)

  2. You are cool and I miss you. End of story.

  3. cute sweater. can't wait to hear about your real job :) love you care bear.