Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wait... did I just forget to acknowledge a milestone?

After writing that half-hearted entry below, I realized today is my one year anniversary with New York City. I can hardly believe I have lived in this iconic city for 365 days already... While I am not prepared to share 365 of my favorite things about NYC on the spot, here are a few that have made my life here amazing/crazy/weird/fun/cool:

- My fabulous beautiful talented roommates, Brenda and Hannah (I still owe you personalized posts about both of these incredible gals)
- Babysitting all of the amazing city kids who are actually more like adults than children (street smarts)
- The Japanese specialty market near my work (my coworker buys me treats there)
- Barilla Pasta (....well they are the reason I can live here)
- Ordering Thai/Indian food from Seamlessweb.com (I contribute all of my success here to being able to order food into my apartment from a website)
- Getting to spend time with my amazing cousin Anne and her family
- Taking a subway everywhere I go
- Going to all the hottest tourist traps with all of you when you visit (See below... I am already ramping up for the fast approaching visiting season!!)
- Teaching Sunday School in my ward and meeting all of the super interesting people that are drawn to this big town
- Lastly, (for now) I love that because the winters are so awful, Spring is all the prettier and lovelier.

What do you love about NYC?

Back by popular demand.

I realize it has been months since my last post. I want to ease all of your minds by confirming the following:

- Yes, I still live in NYC.
- Yes, I have been to Times Square recently.
- And yes, I am still blurry.

Please be on the lookout for more posts from me, as I have had several requests (perhaps just one) to start writing once again.

You're welcome.

Friday, October 29, 2010

a day in the life of an assistant account executive.

5:37am: wake up and look at my cell phone that sleeps in my bed with me now due to me sleeping on the top bunk of an Ikea bunk bed
7:35am: wake up to an alarm I am going to ignore, hence, giving up any opportunity to shower
8:35am: wake up for the third and final time in a panic
9:43am: stroll into work, notice my boss is not yet in and do a tiny fist pump
10:00am: try to start working with the studio on a massive project, but can't because Baky (my studio guy) doesn't get in until 11:00am
10:02am: start listening to the new Taylor Swift CD on repeat (this will last all day)
10:57am: get a call from Baky, this is the beginning of a long day of pouring over layout after layout with this man, who I know is really tired of seeing me walk toward him
12:00pm: lunch time, but I won't be eating... I'm too busy
1:46pm: find a free sandwich in the kitchen, best break of the day
2:00pm-6:44pm: not really sure on the specifics here, but they have a lot to do with Baky, grapes, Taylor Swift and that sneaky little machine that spouts out pretzel M&M's.
6:45pm: watch all of my co-workers get dressed up and go to the work Halloween party.
7:46pm: receive call from my boss... "What are you wearing to the party?".. "I'm just going to wear my normal clothes".. "No!! I have two costumes for you to choose from, devil or army girl.".. I'm thinking, "man, those both sound slutty.." so I went with the army girl. If any pictures surface I will definitely post them.
8:15pm: boss arrives with before mentioned Halloween costume... It is undoubtedly skin tight (I think she's a size 2) and is definitely going to rip if I ever sit down. Luckily there is a zipper in the front? Ok ok, so I slip (more like squeeze) into this little number only to have part of the zipper come apart. Did I mention that I am just standing in my cubicle?  So naturally my boss comes over (who is a female) while I am just standing in black tights and my bra. She and I stand there awkwardly together and fix the zipper. We are on our way.
8:23pm: my boss hails a cab, I explain that I will not be able to sit down in the "dress" and she tells me just to pull it up in the cab. I do.
9:00pm: We finally arrive at the Halloween party and you know what? Everyone there is awesome. I love my job. By the time we got there everyone was at least buzzed (they had been there since 7pm afterall) and did not seem to mind that I wasn't drinking. I'm so glad I'm Mormon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Developments

Since it has been several months since my last post,  there have most definitely been some new developments as it were.

- I have a job. A real job. You know, the kind where I wake up every day and go.
- I am a commuter. This goes along with having a real job.
- I have 2 roommates. Brenda and Hannah. They are fabulous.
- I bought a sweater with horses on it. (See below)
- Ok, I guess there aren't that many new developments.

I am going to write more in depth on each of these topics, excluding the last one.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Free!

This week has been especially crazy. I worked 51 hours and all of those hours were spent watching focus groups. Needless to say, I felt FREE when I finally got to leave tonight at 7:30... While we're on the subject of free, I would like to brag about the things I have swindled out of people at little to no cost to myself. They are in no particular order.

1. Movie tickets (I saw Inception and yes it really is cool)
2. Yankees tickets (Company seats, amazing)
3. Toothpaste (Colgate is one of our clients)
4. Orange juice (They, meaning marketers, pass it out on the streets some mornings)
5. Billy Elliot ticket (Thanks to a dear friend)
6. Lunch and dinner almost every night this week (Company expenses right?)
7. Pink Berry (Lucy and I used the Secret in order to have the man in front of us buy our tasty treats)
8. Bagels (My favorite thing about Monday mornings)
9. Goldfish (The cracker, not to be confused with Frank, they are also a client)
10. Granola bar (Someone handed it to me on the street attached to some sort of propaganda)
11. Ice cream (Courtesy of Coach)
12. Band of Horses concert, t-shirt and poster (It was just free)

That is all I can think of, but rest assured it is my main concern throughout the day to find things that are free that are not garbage.

Today on Wall St.

I think this is funny because not only can this preface describe things that are going on in the stock market, but also things that are going on in my apartment.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

everything is a crisis.

That's it for this thought.