Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wait... did I just forget to acknowledge a milestone?

After writing that half-hearted entry below, I realized today is my one year anniversary with New York City. I can hardly believe I have lived in this iconic city for 365 days already... While I am not prepared to share 365 of my favorite things about NYC on the spot, here are a few that have made my life here amazing/crazy/weird/fun/cool:

- My fabulous beautiful talented roommates, Brenda and Hannah (I still owe you personalized posts about both of these incredible gals)
- Babysitting all of the amazing city kids who are actually more like adults than children (street smarts)
- The Japanese specialty market near my work (my coworker buys me treats there)
- Barilla Pasta (....well they are the reason I can live here)
- Ordering Thai/Indian food from Seamlessweb.com (I contribute all of my success here to being able to order food into my apartment from a website)
- Getting to spend time with my amazing cousin Anne and her family
- Taking a subway everywhere I go
- Going to all the hottest tourist traps with all of you when you visit (See below... I am already ramping up for the fast approaching visiting season!!)
- Teaching Sunday School in my ward and meeting all of the super interesting people that are drawn to this big town
- Lastly, (for now) I love that because the winters are so awful, Spring is all the prettier and lovelier.

What do you love about NYC?

Back by popular demand.

I realize it has been months since my last post. I want to ease all of your minds by confirming the following:

- Yes, I still live in NYC.
- Yes, I have been to Times Square recently.
- And yes, I am still blurry.

Please be on the lookout for more posts from me, as I have had several requests (perhaps just one) to start writing once again.

You're welcome.