Friday, October 29, 2010

a day in the life of an assistant account executive.

5:37am: wake up and look at my cell phone that sleeps in my bed with me now due to me sleeping on the top bunk of an Ikea bunk bed
7:35am: wake up to an alarm I am going to ignore, hence, giving up any opportunity to shower
8:35am: wake up for the third and final time in a panic
9:43am: stroll into work, notice my boss is not yet in and do a tiny fist pump
10:00am: try to start working with the studio on a massive project, but can't because Baky (my studio guy) doesn't get in until 11:00am
10:02am: start listening to the new Taylor Swift CD on repeat (this will last all day)
10:57am: get a call from Baky, this is the beginning of a long day of pouring over layout after layout with this man, who I know is really tired of seeing me walk toward him
12:00pm: lunch time, but I won't be eating... I'm too busy
1:46pm: find a free sandwich in the kitchen, best break of the day
2:00pm-6:44pm: not really sure on the specifics here, but they have a lot to do with Baky, grapes, Taylor Swift and that sneaky little machine that spouts out pretzel M&M's.
6:45pm: watch all of my co-workers get dressed up and go to the work Halloween party.
7:46pm: receive call from my boss... "What are you wearing to the party?".. "I'm just going to wear my normal clothes".. "No!! I have two costumes for you to choose from, devil or army girl.".. I'm thinking, "man, those both sound slutty.." so I went with the army girl. If any pictures surface I will definitely post them.
8:15pm: boss arrives with before mentioned Halloween costume... It is undoubtedly skin tight (I think she's a size 2) and is definitely going to rip if I ever sit down. Luckily there is a zipper in the front? Ok ok, so I slip (more like squeeze) into this little number only to have part of the zipper come apart. Did I mention that I am just standing in my cubicle?  So naturally my boss comes over (who is a female) while I am just standing in black tights and my bra. She and I stand there awkwardly together and fix the zipper. We are on our way.
8:23pm: my boss hails a cab, I explain that I will not be able to sit down in the "dress" and she tells me just to pull it up in the cab. I do.
9:00pm: We finally arrive at the Halloween party and you know what? Everyone there is awesome. I love my job. By the time we got there everyone was at least buzzed (they had been there since 7pm afterall) and did not seem to mind that I wasn't drinking. I'm so glad I'm Mormon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Developments

Since it has been several months since my last post,  there have most definitely been some new developments as it were.

- I have a job. A real job. You know, the kind where I wake up every day and go.
- I am a commuter. This goes along with having a real job.
- I have 2 roommates. Brenda and Hannah. They are fabulous.
- I bought a sweater with horses on it. (See below)
- Ok, I guess there aren't that many new developments.

I am going to write more in depth on each of these topics, excluding the last one.