Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Free!

This week has been especially crazy. I worked 51 hours and all of those hours were spent watching focus groups. Needless to say, I felt FREE when I finally got to leave tonight at 7:30... While we're on the subject of free, I would like to brag about the things I have swindled out of people at little to no cost to myself. They are in no particular order.

1. Movie tickets (I saw Inception and yes it really is cool)
2. Yankees tickets (Company seats, amazing)
3. Toothpaste (Colgate is one of our clients)
4. Orange juice (They, meaning marketers, pass it out on the streets some mornings)
5. Billy Elliot ticket (Thanks to a dear friend)
6. Lunch and dinner almost every night this week (Company expenses right?)
7. Pink Berry (Lucy and I used the Secret in order to have the man in front of us buy our tasty treats)
8. Bagels (My favorite thing about Monday mornings)
9. Goldfish (The cracker, not to be confused with Frank, they are also a client)
10. Granola bar (Someone handed it to me on the street attached to some sort of propaganda)
11. Ice cream (Courtesy of Coach)
12. Band of Horses concert, t-shirt and poster (It was just free)

That is all I can think of, but rest assured it is my main concern throughout the day to find things that are free that are not garbage.

Today on Wall St.

I think this is funny because not only can this preface describe things that are going on in the stock market, but also things that are going on in my apartment.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

everything is a crisis.

That's it for this thought.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the boss man

Me: Do you have the latest status?
Will (boss): Yes, but it hasn't been updated since you had it.. we should go over that this afternoon.
Me: Ok, what time?
Will: Why do you always need times?! ...2:30

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Everyone has a dog here. Isn't that gross? I have an embarrassing story to tell you. It's not that bad, but I want to get it out there.

Ahem. I was being a brat on Sunday, nothing too uncommon. I asked Chad Rogers, a frequenter on the Cara Show, if he was going to come on the subway with me as it was night or whatever. He said no and then feeling kind of dejected I walked to the corner, not seeing that this couple had a dog in tow. I, of course, tripped over the leash of said dog twice, but luckily did not fall. I hesitated to turn around, because I knew all of my friends had seen me. I turned around and laughed at myself, but not as hard as they were laughing. And so there I stood on the street corner pretending to laugh for another 30 seconds, standing only feet away from my ridiculing friends waiting for the light to turn green. Not my brightest moment.

I don't know, what do you want to do?

Well I will tell you. When you, darling friend who reads my blog, come to visit me we are going to do the following things:

1. Walk around New York like tourists: this means walking extra slow while looking up and more likely than not taking pictures we think are artsy or unique.
2. Amateur Night at the Apollo: if you are here on a Wednesday you will love this. Harlem has never been more fun.
3. Dinosaur BBQ: this is in Harlem and is to be eaten before going to said am. night. Ashley, you probably won't like this, but maybe your mom will so don't be a diva.
4. Magnolia Bakery: I believe I have mentioned this before, I just wanted to remind you this would be happening.
5. Central Park: duh
6. Washington Square Park: this is my favorite park of the parks so far. It has everything you could possibly want: an arch, a fountain, people playing music, people playing chess, people you live there, and usually there is this van that sells shakes and cupcakes. I'm sorry so much of this blog is about sweets. Don't be surprised that I have gained 186lbs. Thanks.
7. The Crocodile Lounge: ok so I don't drink, but this is such a fun little bar. You buy a drink and get a free mini pizza. Plus you get to play skiball which I will beat you at.
8. Broadway musical: if there is one you want to see I will let you buy a ticket for me :)
9. Brooklyn Bridge: A lot of people like to walk across it. I have yet to complete this tourist activity but I hear there pizza waiting on the other side, so hopefully that will be enough motivation for you.
10. Ride the subway at rush hour: it just wouldn't be a true New York experience unless you did this. You will really feel a lot closer to the city afterward.

For ideas on what you can do for free during your visit you can check out and

I have made a paper chain to count down until your arrival!

There used to be a wall there.

What is Wall Street? Yes, this is my new place of residence. I thought for some reason when I moved to New York I would be able to settle down in once place. I have now been here less than three months and in my third apartment. After this apartment I will be setting up shop, I promise. It may be in one of the five boroughs of New York, maybe California, or perhaps even your house. Please let me sleep on your couch. Until I move into your place, here are some pictures of where I call home :)

Things at Y&R are looking pretty good. They know I want a job and talk to me about it. Oh, I am getting paid now. Nothing crazy like a salary or anything, but it helps pay for my cupcake habit. You didn't know about this? Magnolia. Chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, but if you are feeling fruity (take that whichever way you please) I would highly recommend the banana pudding. Very choice.

If you do not want to pay for a chocolate cupcake, although that is foolishness in you, there are always free treats to be had. Please wait until a later blog post so that I can tell you about how I try to survive on essentially whatever I can get wherever I can get it. That is all. Thank you and goodnight!

I love Pipi.

This is Pipi the cat and I on our last day together. We had a lot of good times in Greenwich Village, just hanging around Washington Square Park eating crepes. I wish I had taken a picture of my view from that apartment. I could see the Empire State Building when I was laying in bed every night.

Did you know that they change the colors of the lights on that building almost all the time (perhaps even every day)? They do it for many different reasons. A few of them are:

1. National holidays (red, white and blue... obvious)
2. In support of the beloved sports teams and universities
3. To pay respects to certain individuals (Frank Sintra's death was commemorated with all blue lights)
4. And of course the Westminster Dog show (I don't know what colors celebrate that)

My favorite part of my apartment though, was its proximity to Washington Square Park. To learn more about this park please come and visit me in NYC.